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This is my personal website. Thanks for stopping by!

Unfortunately, I've been in a position for some time which doesn't allow me to share much online about work, so this is all stuff from college, which is now woefully out of date. If you'd like some information about what I've been up to lately, please drop me a line at sam @ this domain.

If you're a friend/family member looking for the wedding website, it's here.

Portfolio Stuff

Mandelbrot Set Script

Mandelbrot Set Thumbnail

This was my final project my senior year of art school. I used Python to create a Mandelbrot Set fractal generator, and created a Houdini project that allowed me to more effectively control the animation produced. (21.4MB, 0:33)

This wound up being a pretty involved project, and I thought I'd post the actual work online here. That zip file contains everything you need to start playing with fractals. All you have to do is run the script from the command line. You don't need Houdini, though you do need Python installed. (It comes pre-installed on both Mac and Linux, and even if you don't already have it, it's free.) The other .py script and the .hipnc file do require Houdini, but you can get the Apprentice version for free as well. Nifty, eh?


RasterCaster Thumbnail

A little something I created for my portfolio class. I created the script shown for my Maya/MEL scripting class earlier that semester. (25.5MB, 1:48)


MLK Thumbnail

My first real Houdini project, originally just included the halftone effect, but I went back later and added the audio channel action. (23.1MB, 0:20)

And a little bonus! You can click here for a collection of panoramic images I recently assembled in Photoshop. (I shot all of the source images with my consumer Canon camera.)